Search Suspended for Two Missing After Anti-Pollution Support Boat Capsizes During Exercise on Lower Mississippi River

Update (01/17/2019): The Coast Guard ended its search for two people near mile marker 18 on the Mississippi River near Bootheville, Louisiana, Thursday. The Coast Guards searched approximately 130 square nautical miles for 27 hours. Previous (01/16/2019): The U.S. Coast Guard and local agencies are searching for two people in the water near Bootheville, Louisiana after … [Read more...]

Russia Eyes Island Storage for Arctic LNG Amid China Demand Boom

By Tsuyoshi Inajima (Bloomberg) -- Russia’s Novatek PJSC is looking at storing liquefied natural gas produced in the Arctic on Japan’s southern island of Kyushu so it can better meet spot demand from China and cut shipping costs. Saibu Gas Co., which last month signed a preliminary deal to allow Russia’s biggest LNG producer to use its storage facilities, said … [Read more...]

Big Plastic’s $1 Billion Pledge to End Plastic Waste Just a Drop in the Polluted Ocean

By Jack Kaskey (Bloomberg) -- With all those plastic-trash haters filling the Internet with images of garbage-choked oceans and demanding bans on everything from drinking straws to grocery bags, chemical companies are beginning to get alarmed. Their solution: A public pledge by the new Alliance to End Plastic Waste to spend $1 billion over five years to clean up marine … [Read more...]

Maersk to Begin Random Container Inspections Over Safety Fears

By Gavin van Marle (The Loadstar) - Maersk Line is set to begin physically inspecting container contents as part of its efforts to stem the increasing numbers of fires that break out inside boxes during transit, as well as boxes in which cargo moves or is damaged due to not being lashed correctly. Initially, the project will focus on shipments into and out of the US, it … [Read more...]

Inventions Shaping Our Oceans: Rafnar Hull

By Ariadne Dimoulas - This article series will look into inventions shaping today’s seascape. How has our mariner history resulted in today’s groundbreaking inventions? Which inventions direct our future? What is the catalyst for these inventions, meaning what is the intersection between a particular place and particular person that causes such a revolutionary spark? Finally, … [Read more...]