Hamburg Süd Sells Bulk Shipping Business to China Navigation

German shipping group Hamburg Süd announced Monday it is selling its bulk shipping business to The China Navigation Company, a subsidiary of the Swire Group, as it focusses on its liner business. The agreement includes Hamburg Süd subsidiaries Rudolf A. Oetker (RAO), Furness Withy Chartering and the bulk activities in Aliança Navegação e Logística (Aliabulk). […]

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Europe’s Most Important River Is Running Dry as Glaciers Shrink

By William Wilkes, Vanessa Dezem and Brian Parkin (Bloomberg) — Kevin Kilps’s car ferry churns the waters of Germany’s Rhine river as he steers toward the bank opposite Kaub, a scenic village just south of the rocky outcropping named after the legendary siren Lorelei. It’s typically a busy stretch of waterway. On a normal day, […]

Rescue Underway as Two Ships Catch Fire in Kerch Strait

MOSCOW, Jan 21 (Reuters) – Ten crew members have been found dead and 14 have been rescued after two ships caught fire in the Kerch Strait near Crimea, Russia’s transport ministry said on Monday, with a rescue operation still underway. The ministry said earlier on Monday that crew members were jumping into the sea to […]

Seven Green Technologies Helping Shipping Clean Up Its Act

By Kyunghee Park and Jason Clenfield (Bloomberg) — Air pollution from cars and factories has been regulated in much of the world since the 1970s. When it comes to the smoke-belching ships that carry global trade, the rules have been a lot looser. Big changes start next January, though, when long-debated standards from the International Maritime Organization […]

How OPEC Is Helping U.S. Oil Reach a Tipping Point

By Julian Lee (Bloomberg Opinion) — The U.S. Energy Information Administration has published its first detailed monthly oil forecast for 2020 and it shows something that should strike fear into the hearts of OPEC ministers — from the fourth quarter, America will export more oil than it imports. This won’t make the U.S. independent of the global […]

If You Only Had Your TOAR

I was sitting at the galley table having a safety meeting with my crew, when in walked our Port Captain. He greeted us and turned his attention to Darryl, my Training 2nd Mate. “Darryl, there’s a 2nd Mate job open two weeks from now. I’d like to put you in it.”   I groaned at […]

Killed by a Filing Cabinet

By Michael Carr – He braced himself against the ship’s starboard side and stared inward through the chartroom’s one porthole. He inhaled and exhaled, listening to his exhaust bubbles heading toward the surface 50 feet away. This was the only sound, his rhythmic inhaling and exhaling. He was transfixed. Inside the chartroom was the body […]