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Welcome to gCaptain!

We are the world’s leading maritime and offshore website, and we are dedicated to quality news and building an interactive community of maritime professionals.

Our founder, Captain John Konrad, started gCaptain in 2007, and since then we have grown into the go-to source for maritime news, information, and networking. gCaptain’s editorial is managed by Mike Schuler, who can be reached at [email protected].

gCaptain promotes user interaction, discussion, and the sharing of ideas and information through social media tools. By bridging the communication gap between print and the end reader, gCaptain fosters ideas that improve safety and efficiency aboard ships globally. has grown quickly in the past few years to become the leading online destination for maritime and offshore professionals, currently welcoming hundreds of thousands of unique visitors a month who view millions of pages.

At gCaptain, we’re committed to providing news and community platforms to professionals working at sea. Even though we’re growing quickly, we’re still focused on our mission.

Maritime And Offshore News

gCaptain’s homepage is the source of news and articles written by the leading maritime and offshore experts. gCaptain’s Maritime News


gCaptain’s maritime forum is home to a diverse community of industry insiders and seasoned mariners, many of whom are submitting content via satellite from locations far from land; a truly unique trait that allows our members to stay consistently ahead of industry trends. With over 18,000 members, the forum is a great place to ask advice, share knowledge and communicate with members of the maritime community. gCaptain’s Maritime Forum

Job Board

gCaptain’s Maritime Job Board was built in response to the high demand we saw from readers, and upon its introduction, immediately became one of the most popular sections of the site. Job seekers can browse the job board to find openings that match their skills and interests. Employers can post job openings on the job board to reach gCaptain’s large pool of highly qualified candidates. gCaptain’s Maritime Job Board


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