Thursday, April 29, 2021

Negotiations Over Seafarers’ Minimum Wage Increase Break Down

Negotiations over the global minimum wage for seafarers have broken down after seafarers’ unions and shipowners failed to agree on a figure following two days of discussions at the International...

April 29, 2021
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Thursday, July 9, 2020
ship crew-change covid19 pandemic
Maritime News

Governments Back Urgent Action to Facilitate Seafarer Crew Changes

A group of governments from twelve countries have come together to pledge urgent action to resolve the crew change crisis that has emerged as a result of COVID-19 pandemic. In...

July 9, 2020
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Wednesday, May 22, 2019
Maritime News

Is English the True International Language of the Sea?

In 1988 the IMO made “Seaspeak” the international language of the sea. English is the principle language base of Seaspeak because it was the most common language spoken at sea...

May 22, 2019
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Monday, November 26, 2018
Maritime News

ILO Adopts New Minimum Monthly Wage for Seafarers

A Subcommittee of the Joint Maritime Commission (JMC) of the International Labour Union has agreed on a Resolution raising the minimum monthly wage for seafarers. The mechanism agreed to is...

November 26, 2018
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Thursday, November 15, 2018
Maritime News

First Ever Manila Statement Issued on Fair Treatment of Seafarers

A meeting was held on 13 November in Manila, between senior government representatives from Asia’s leading maritime nations regarding the treatment of seafarers. Also present at the meeting was a...

November 15, 2018
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Wednesday, March 28, 2018
oil tanker crew member
Maritime News

Study: More Than a Quarter of Seafarers Polled Reported Signs of Depression

More than a quarter of seafarers reported showing symptoms of of depression, according to a study of seafarers’ mental health presented this month during a Wellness at Sea conference this...

March 28, 2018
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Tuesday, May 17, 2016
ship officer

Report Sounds Alarm On Future Officer Shortage

Looking into a career at sea? Your help is need now more than ever. That’s according to a new report by BIMCO and the International Chamber of Shipping, which predicts...

May 17, 2016
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Monday, April 13, 2015
Maritime News

Majority of Seafarers ‘Content’ With Life at Sea, Survey Shows

The majority of seafarers are content with life at sea, according to preliminary findings of a new survey conducted by the shipping association BIMCO together with the International Chamber of...

April 13, 2015
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Monday, January 26, 2015
Maritime News

Marlow Navigation: No Paycheck for Crimean Seafarers

Marlow Navigation, the Cyprus-based crew management firm says “there is presently no possibility to arrange any transfer of funds to seafarers and / or beneficiaries with addresses in Crimea,” according...

January 26, 2015
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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Drink Beer, Help Seafarers in Need

A UK brewer has raised more than $260,000 for charity through the sale of its beer.

November 13, 2014
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Wednesday, August 20, 2014
Maritime News

Video: A Day In The Life… One Year After MLC 2006

It was one year ago today that the Maritime Labour Convention 2006, also known as the “Seafarers Bill of Rights” or simply MLC 2006, entered into force.

August 20, 2014
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Friday, April 11, 2014
Maritime News

Abandoned Seafarers Win More Protection Under MLC Amendment

Sailors stranded on merchant ships without food, supplies, or a way home won new safeguards.

April 11, 2014
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Tuesday, August 20, 2013
lou vest oneighteen seafarer sailor

MLC 2006 | Seafarers’ Bill of Rights Enters into Force

SINGAPORE –  20 August 2013 – The Maritime Labour Convention, 2006, also known as the “Seafarers Bill of Rights” has officially entered into force today. This convention, which comes into force in...

August 20, 2013
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Monday, June 24, 2013

IMO Marks 2013 ‘Day of the Seafarer’ With Social Media Campaign

June 25, 2013 marks third-annual "Day of the Seafarer".

June 24, 2013
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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Seafarers Awareness Week Continues in UK

Following a successful “Day of The Seafarer” celebration held worldwide, the United Kingdom is continuing it’s honoring of seafarers with an annual “Seafarers Awareness Week”, held every year from June...

June 27, 2012
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Monday, June 25, 2012

Day of the Seafarer, What Are We Really Celebrating?

There’s been a bit of buildup on Twitter and on Facebook these past few weeks about today’s “Day of the Seafarer” and we’ve been a bit hesitant to really jump...

June 25, 2012
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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Seafarers International Union Says USCG Editorial is “Unfair and Inaccurate”

Following a recent editorial by USCG Captain Eric Christensen on the alarming rate of U.S.-flag ship detentions, the Seafarer International Union has released the following statement: Coast Guard Captain Eric...

June 14, 2012
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Monday, April 23, 2012
Maritime News

Seafarers Facing Criminal Charges are Treated Unfairly, Survey Finds

Seafarers facing criminal charges are often treated unfairly and lack legal representation, according to an industry survey conducted by the international legal research center Seafarers’ Right International (SRI). The survey...

April 23, 2012
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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Flag States Look to Bring Back the Human Element of Piracy

With vessel attacks, hijackings and huge ransoms stealing the headlines in todays news, some flag states are concerned that acts of violence against seafarers by pirates is going unnoticed and...

August 9, 2011
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Friday, July 8, 2011

Seafarers and Fatigue At Sea [RESEARCH FILM]

The Cardiff University, in collaboration with the Economic and Social Research Council, have just released a research film on what is considered the most comprehensive report on seafarer fatigue ever...

July 8, 2011
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