Why’s A Big Red Tanker Drifting Near Boston?

by Naureen S. Malik (Bloomberg) A red-hulled tanker is drifting in Massachusetts Bay, trying to capitalize on the brief two-month window when natural gas in this region can become the most expensive in the U.S., and sometimes the world. The vessel, owned by Excelerate Energy LP, is periodically delivering super-chilled liquefied natural gas from Trinidad to Excelerate’s … [Read more...]

Repsol To Supply Brittany Ferries’ New LNG Ship

Brittany Ferries has signed an agreement with Spanish energy company Repsol for the delivery of Liquefied Natural Gas to its Spanish operations. A letter of intent between the two companies provides the basis for the long-term supply of LNG-fuel and shoreside infrastructure to the new LNG-powered cruise-ferry Salamanca, which is scheduled to enter service in 2022. Under the … [Read more...]

Excelerate Energy Claims First Ship-to-Ship Transfer of LNG in The Bahamas

Texas-based LNG company Excelerate Energy and Norway's Equinor Energy have completed the first ever ship-to-ship (STS) transfer of liquefied natural gas in The Bahamas. The STS transfer was completed utilizing Excelerate’s floating storage regasification unit (FSRU) Exemplar and Equinor’s LNG carrier Arctic Voyager. A full LNG cargo was transferred using the double-banked … [Read more...]

Upstart Pitches Plan for Cheapest U.S. Gas on the Water

By Naureen S. Malik and Christine Buurma (Bloomberg) -- A little-known company is planning to be a standout in the crowded field of U.S. shale gas exports by slashing construction costs for the massive terminals that turn gas into a transportable liquid. The founders of Venture Global LNG Inc. -– Bob Pender, a former energy lawyer, and Michael Sabel, who worked as … [Read more...]

Texas City Takes on Trading Giant in Testy Fight for Oil Exports

By Stephen Cunningham (Bloomberg) -- Trafigura Group Ltd., the world’s third-largest independent oil trader, is fine as a customer. But the Port of Corpus Christi doesn’t want to see it as a competitor with billions of dollars at stake. Port officials are urging Trafigura to scrap a proposed export terminal located 13 miles off the coast that would compete with an onshore … [Read more...]