Trade War Concerns Impacting Shipping Confidence

Confidence in the shipping industry has fallen marginally over the past three months, largely as a result of ongoing concern over trade wars and increased regulation, according to the latest Shipping Confidence Survey from leading shipping adviser and accountant BDO. The average confidence level in the three months to May 2019 was 6.1 out of a possible maximum of 10.0. This … [Read more...]

American Oil Keeps Flowing to China Despite Mounting Trade War

By Sheela Tobben (Bloomberg) -- Washington’s escalating trade war with Beijing hasn’t choked off the flow of American oil to China. At least six million barrels of U.S. crude set off for Chinese refineries in May, according to ship tracking data compiled by Bloomberg. In June, American shipments to the Asian nation are expected to reach at least 4 million barrels, according … [Read more...]

China Launches Space Rocket from Ship at Sea

BEIJING, June 5 (Reuters) - China successfully launched a rocket from a ship at sea for the first time on Wednesday, state media reported, the latest step forward in its ambitious space program. The Long March 11 rocket blasted off from a platform on a large semi-submersible barge in the Yellow Sea just after midday (0400 GMT), state media said. The small rocket, designed … [Read more...]

U.S.-China Trade Sanctions Will Be Costly But Likely Ineffective: Kemp

By John Kemp LONDON, May 23 (Reuters) - Embargoes are rarely effective in compelling a change in diplomatic behavior because they create substantial incentives to circumvent the blockade by switching trade, building indigenous capacity or changing technology. The United States this month announced sweeping restrictions on the purchase of telecommunications equipment … [Read more...]

Editorial: Readying for the Maritime Attacks of the Future

By Christopher Porter - When security professionals address threats to transportation security, the discussion usually centers on aviation risks. After 9/11, counterterrorism efforts naturally focused on preventing future disasters in the air—spectacular, lethal risks to passengers. As cyber threats have proliferated and become a greater focus of public attention and … [Read more...]