Abide By the Claw: Norway’s Arctic Snow Crab Ruling Boosts Claim to Oil

By Alister Doyle and Gwladys Fouche OSLO, Feb 14 (Reuters) - A court delivered a painful nip to European Union fishermen on Thursday by tightening Norway's grip on snow crab catches in the Arctic, a ruling that may also let Oslo claw more control of oil and gas from other nations. Fishermen from the European Union must ask permission from Oslo to catch snow crab -- … [Read more...]

Norway Supreme Court to Hear Snow Crab Case with Implication for Oil

By Gwladys Fouche OSLO, Jan 15 (Reuters) - Norway's Supreme Court will on Tuesday hear arguments on whether EU ships can fish for snow crab off Arctic islands north of Norway without permission from Oslo, a case that could decide who has the right to explore for oil in the region. At stake is whether the snow crab - whose meat is considered a delicacy by gourmets in Japan … [Read more...]

Norway Postpones Decision on Arctic Oil Terminal to Serve Johan Castberg Offshore Field

OSLO, Dec 14 (Reuters) - The Norwegian government has postponed a decision on whether to mandate the construction of an oil processing terminal near the Arctic tip of northern Europe until the third quarter of next year, it said on Friday. If built, the onshore Veidnes terminal would receive crude via a pipeline from Equinor's offshore Johan Castberg oilfield, which is … [Read more...]

Climate Risk Report Warns of Falling Norwegian Offshore Values

By Mikael Holter (Bloomberg) -- A key climate report commissioned by the Norwegian government warned that climate change could hurt the value of its remaining oil resources and even make pumping oil more dangerous due to extreme weather. “Norway is well placed to manage climate risk, but the implications of major climate change are potentially severe and challenging to … [Read more...]

Norway Tells Offshore Drillers to Fix Lifeboat Safety

OSLO, Dec 12 (Reuters) - Norway's Petroleum Safety Authority (PSA) has told Transocean , Maersk Drilling and Odfjell Drilling to beef up emergency evacuation equipment and procedures on 22 offshore oil rigs, it said on Wednesday. Drilling rigs are equipped with enclosed lifeboats that can be dropped into the ocean in an emergency and owners must meet a series of technical … [Read more...]