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Grounding Incidents

Thursday, July 11, 2024
Rush to Prevent Oil Spill From Grounded Ship Off South African Coast
Grounding Incidents

Rush to Prevent Oil Spill From Grounded Ship Off South African Coast

CAPE TOWN, July 11 (Reuters) – Salvage operations were in high-gear on Thursday to prevent a potential oil spill and pollution along South

3 mins ago
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Thursday, May 25, 2023
Suez Canal Traffic Returns to Normal After Ship Briefly Grounds
Grounding Incidents

Suez Canal Traffic Returns to Normal After Ship Briefly Grounds

CAIRO, May 25 (Reuters) – Tugboats managed to move a large ship that had been stranded for several hours in the Suez Canal on Thursday, and

May 25, 2023
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Sunday, April 16, 2023
Walla Walla Ferry Grounding
Grounding Incidents

Generator Failure Suspected In M/V Walla Walla Ferry Grounding: Crew And Passengers Safe

Late Sunday morning, Washington State Ferries (WSF) reported that all 175 cars trapped aboard the grounded M/V Walla Walla had been successfully removed after

April 16, 2023
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Monday, January 16, 2023
KNM Helge Ingstad collision

Norwegian Navy Officer In Charge Of Watch Declines Guilt In Tanker Collision

A Norwegian naval officer stands trial today but denies negligence that led to the 2018 collision between a warship he commanded and an oil tanker in which the

January 16, 2023
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Ship Salvage Bosphorus
Grounding Incidents

Turkey Refloats Ship Stuck in Bosphorus

By Ugur Yilmaz (Bloomberg) Turkey freed a vessel that had wedged itself against the banks of the Bosphorus Strait, clearing the vital waterway that connects

January 16, 2023
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Bosphorus Ship Grounding
Grounding Incidents

Ukraine Grain Ship Grounds In Bosphorus Strait

by Yoruk Isik (Reuters) The cargo ship MKK 1, traveling from Ukraine to Turkey, was grounded in Istanbul’s Bosphorus Strait on Monday and traffic in

January 16, 2023
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Wednesday, November 9, 2022
young-yong-tanker aground
Grounding Incidents

US Approves Salvage Of Sanctioned Oil Tanker Aground Near Singapore

By Chen Lin and Isabel Kua (Reuters) – The United States has allowed some transactions to take place with a sanctioned oil supertanker in effort to free

November 9, 2022
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Tuesday, October 25, 2022
seastreak high-speed catamaran passenger ferry
Grounding Incidents

NTSB Releases New York City Ferry Grounding Report

A software flaw combined with the captain’s failure to use back-up controls led to the grounding of a passenger ferry last year in New York City,

October 25, 2022
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Tuesday, August 30, 2022
HMS Prince of Wales
Grounding Incidents

UPDATE – UK Carrier HMS Prince Of Wales Incident

UPDATE: Today the Royal Navy news site Navy Lookout provided the following comments: “The reason HMS Prince of Wales could not begin her planned deployment

August 30, 2022
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Sunday, April 17, 2022
Ever Forward Free
Grounding Incidents

Salvage Team Frees Ever Forward Containership

by John Kornad (gCaptain) After weeks of heavy salvage work in the Chesapeake Bay, the massive continership Ever Forward is free and underway.  The

April 17, 2022
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Saturday, April 9, 2022

Container Feeder Barge: A solution for a grounding such as Ever Forward?

by Rish Madden – Ever Forward grounded on the Chesapeake Bay on March 13, 2022.  The current salvage plan includes removal of a large number of

April 9, 2022
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Tuesday, March 15, 2022
Norwegian Escape Bow
Cruise Ships

NCL Cruise Ship Pulled Free After Grounding

By K. Oanh Ha (Bloomberg) A Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. luxury liner carrying thousands of passengers that ran aground while trying to leave a port in

March 15, 2022
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Tuesday, August 31, 2021
Bow Of Fragmented Crimson Polaris Is Towed Into Hachinohe Port
Grounding Incidents

Bow Of Fragmented Crimson Polaris Is Towed Into Hachinohe Port

In regard to the grounding of wood chip carrier Crimson Polaris that occurred off the coast of Hachinohe on August 11, the bow part of the fragmented hull was

August 31, 2021
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Monday, August 30, 2021
Ferry Runs Aground Off The Spanish Island Of Ibiza Leaving 10-Year-Old Seriously Injured
Grounding Incidents

Ferry Runs Aground Off The Spanish Island Of Ibiza Leaving 10-Year-Old Seriously Injured

(Reuters)–A ferry ran aground off the Spanish island of Ibiza on Saturday night, August 28, an incident the emergency services told local media

August 30, 2021
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Tuesday, July 27, 2021
Heng Tong 77 Salvage
Grounding Incidents

Pakistan Starts Heng Tong 77 Salvage

By Syed Raza Hassan (Reuters) – Pakistani port authorities plan to remove fuel from a merchant ship that ran aground in rough seas last week before

July 27, 2021
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Thursday, April 1, 2021
Russian FPSO MARSHAL VASILEVSKIY Transiting the Suez Canal

Marine Reinsurance Firms Expect Giant Suez Blockage Claims

by Carolyn Cohn (Reuters) – The recent blockage of the Suez Canal is likely to lead to large reinsurance claims, adding to upward pressure on marine

April 1, 2021
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Thursday, March 25, 2021
Ever Given Containership Bow With Front End loader
Grounding Incidents

Watch: How To Salvage A Grounded Suez Canal Mega-Ship

How long could the Suez Canal salvage operation take? Could the mega containership Ever Given capsize? Could her hull crack and spill oil like the grounded

March 25, 2021
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Ever Given Suez Backhoe
Grounding Incidents

Suez Canal Choked as Elite Salvage Team Tackles Stuck Ship

*Despite having three days to arrange travel, the salvage team is just starting to arrive in Egypt. *”The best chance for returning shipping to normal

March 25, 2021
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Suez-Canal Southern Entrance

The $9.6 Billion A Day Price Of A Suez Stuck Ship

By Aaron Clark (Bloomberg) –A back-of-the-envelope calculation shows there’s about $9.6 billion worth of daily marine traffic halted by the massive

March 25, 2021
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Wednesday, March 24, 2021
Stranded container ship Ever Given, one of the world's largest container ships, is seen after it ran aground, in Suez Canal
Grounding Incidents

How To Remove A Ship Stuck In The Suez Canal

By Ann Koh and Alex Longley (Bloomberg) When you can’t shift a ship that’s stuck fast into the wall of a canal that’s vital to world trade, there’s

March 24, 2021
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