Crimson Polaris bow towed to port. Photo credit Japan Coast Guard

Bow Of Fragmented Crimson Polaris Is Towed Into Hachinohe Port

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August 31, 2021

In regard to the grounding of wood chip carrier Crimson Polaris that occurred off the coast of Hachinohe on August 11, the bow part of the fragmented hull was towed into Hachinohe Port by a salvage company arranged by the ship’s owner, and moored there on August 27.

Due to the weather and sea conditions, the work to remove the oil from the bow of the vessel at sea was expected to take a long time, and in order to make the work smoother and safer, the shipowner and ship-management company towed and moored the vessel in Hachinohe Port with the understanding and cooperation of the local government, related organizations, fishermen, and other concerned parties.

The salvage company will remove the remaining oil from the bow of the ship and unload the cargo.
If all goes well, the removal of the remaining oil will be completed in mid-September, and the unloading of the loaded cargo will be completed at the end of September.
As for the stern section, the Japan Coast Guard and related parties are continuing their investigation.

NYK will continue to make every effort to resolve the situation as soon as possible in cooperation with the shipowner, ship management company and other related parties.

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