When, Where, And How Technology Will Disrupt Shipping

By Captain John Konrad (gCaptain) According to the World Bank, no other industry has pulled more people out of poverty worldwide. And if the world’s ships - responsible for moving $9 trillion of goods around the oceans every year - were to suddenly stop, billions of people would go hungry. Likewise, one new algorithm or design tweak that makes sea-bound vessels just … [Read more...]

Analysis: U.S. Supreme Court Ruling Against Awarding Punitive Damages for Unseaworthiness Claims

Reese B. Mitchell - On June 24, 2019, the United States Supreme Court ruled mariners’ unseaworthiness claims are ineligible for punitive damages. The Dutra Grp. v. Batterton, No. 18-266, 2019 WL 2570621 (U.S. June 24, 2019). In a 6-3 ruling, Justice Alito’s authored decision reversed the Ninth Circuit’s practice of granting punitive damages in claims based on … [Read more...]

Hong Kong Joins The Maritime Startup Revolution

by Captain John Konrad (gCaptain) Last week we asked the gCaptain community Are Maritime Startups Ready To Accelerate Change? and shared a handful of new organizations that are helping to drag our industry into the digital age. One program we missed, run by the Hong Kong based Young Professionals In Shipping Network (YPSN), looks especially promising because it's … [Read more...]

Carr: Searching the Bottom of Long Island Sound

By Michael Carr - We were searching the bottom of Long Island Sound between Old Saybrook CT and Plum Island Long Island, for a 36 ft. powerboat. The boat sank after colliding with a towed barge, filled with concrete. Our search area was approximately 7 miles long, east to west, and 6 miles wide, north to south. It’s a large area to look for a 36 ft. fiberglass boat. No one … [Read more...]

Captain George Livingstone: Falling Stars

By Captain George Livingstone - Everyone at gCaptain loves a good sea story, good, bad or ugly. Here’s one for the history books. On a cold December in 1878, halfway between the cities of Greenock and Langbank on the river Clyde in Scotland, the first of nine iron-hulled, four masted ships slipped down the ways at Russel & CO shipyards. Russel & CO in Port Glasgow, … [Read more...]