Over 81% of global fleet now authorised to carry digital publications

Italy has become the latest Flag State to approve the use of ADMIRALTY e-Nautical Publications (e-NPs) and ADMIRALTY Digital Publications (ADP) as SOLAS-compliant alternatives to paper publications. This decision means that all 1,300 Italian-flagged ships and over 81% of the global fleet are now able to use digital publications to meet SOLAS carriage requirements. e-Nautical … [Read more...]

Slipping Through The Safety Net

  By Jaquelyn Burton (Coeval) The thing with Navigation Warnings is - are you sure that you have received all of the ones you might need? There are times when as an officer of the watch you receive a NAVTEX message that is corrupted or unreadable. When you have a message come in where the only thing that you can’t read about a firing exercise zone is it's … [Read more...]

The UKHO Expands Its ADMIRALTY Port Approach Guide Coverage

The United Kingdom Hydrographic Office’s (UKHO) Port Approach Guides are port-scale charts that contain a wide range of planning and support information for some of the world's busiest ports. By allowing bridge crews to view this information in one place, each guide can simplify a number of passage planning tasks and support Master Pilot Exchange.  As more Port Approach … [Read more...]

The New S-52 ECDIS Standards: What Do They Mean for You?

  By Tom Mellor, United Kingdom Hydrographic Office Much has been written about the mandatory carriage of ECDIS, but one of the most important initiatives currently underway is the revision to the technical standards for ECDIS. On an ADMIRALTY paper chart our highly skilled cartographers have presented accurate and reliable information to the mariner for over two … [Read more...]

UKHO Calls for Ship Owners to Liaise with ECDIS Manufacturers Over New IHO ECDIS Standards

The United Kingdom Hydrographic Office is encouraging all ship owners to speak to their ECDIS manufacturers following the recent announcement of updated ECDIS Standards by the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) in order to ensure a smooth, timely transition. The technical standards that govern the display of Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs) within an … [Read more...]