Underwater Hotels – The World’s Most Spectacular

When your looking for adventure travel, the maritime industry has some spectacular options. From eco-cruise ships to Freighter Travel and more, the ocean is makes for a great excuse to leave work behind and enjoy life. But of all the options for eco-tourism, staying the night underwater is one of the most exciting options. Posiedon Mystery Island WebUrbanist brings us … [Read more...]

Sleeping With Your Containers – The Greenest Way to Travel

- By Feray Yuksekbas Kavas, Sales Executive, MTS Logistics What if I told you that there is a great option to travel other than flying, for those of you who hate waiting in line at crowded airports, or those who are tired of paying for extra luggage fees?  Maybe “Freighter Travel” is something for you? Or maybe you care so much about your precious cargo, that … [Read more...]

The Real Deal… Mike Horn Takes Young Explorers to the Far Corners of the Planet

I was walking along the seawall at the US Naval Academy last night when I saw the slightly lit shape of a huge sailboat moving silently and easily amongst a flotilla of yachts anchored in Annapolis Harbor.  They didn't appear to be boats left over from the Annapolis Sailboat Show the week before, their decks were cluttered with gear and didn't have the shiny look of a new boat. … [Read more...]

Oasis Of The Seas – Royal Caribbean

Oasis of the Seas set a new record of carrying over 6,000 passengers. She is owned and operated by Royal Caribbean International. "The ship was completed and turned over to Royal Caribbean on 28 October 2009. Two days later, she departed Finland for the United States. While exiting the Baltic Sea, the vessel passed underneath the Great Belt Fixed Link in Denmark on 1 … [Read more...]