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John Konrad
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December 9, 2008

Global Rescue - Maritime Medical Evacuation Services

Last week we brought you information on marine license insurance and in our continuing quest to look at non-traditional protection available to mariners we bring you Global Rescue – Maritime!

Mariners work in conditions that make getting immediate medical treatment extremely difficult. Most mariners and shipping companies do not have the assets to quickly and smoothly move injured or ill mariners off the ship and to qualified medical facilities much less to a hospital of their choice. When they do, Aeromedical transports can cost well over $100,000US and are rarely covered by insurance.

Even when a shipping company has a track record of evacuating injured mariners they rarely offer the level of service a good third party company can provide. For example:  Will your company send you to a hospital in the nearest country or get you home fast? Will they provide a qualified medivac team at the closest point of land? Will the patient and their family’s concerns remain top priority?  With Global Rescue the answer is YES!  They also are discrete, important if you worry about your company’s reaction to a medical concern.

Global Rescue tells us:

Through its ability to provide real-time medical consulting anywhere in the world from its specialists at Johns Hopkins Medicine, Global Rescue is able to relay critical medical support to sick or injured mariners while they are thousands of miles from a hospital or out of the range of a medivac aircraft. Since most ocean-going vessels do not possess medically trained and equipped crews, Global Rescue provides ship captains the confidence and peace of mind needed to be sure injured sailors will be well cared for until rescue teams can reach the vessel.

In addition to its medical consultation services, the Boston-based crisis response company has a network of medically equipped, fixed and rotary-wing aircraft on every continent, thousands of vetted hospitals worldwide who can provide treatment in any patient’s language, and a selection of Centers of Excellence around the globe that offer medical care on par with that available in the United States. Its deployable paramedics routinely respond to emergencies in the most remote reaches of the planet.

When a shipmate is injured off an unfamiliar coast, Global Rescue will give you the confidence to stabilize him on board and the knowledge that first-rate medical providers are deployed to the closest point of land. Family members will be comforted in the knowledge that Global Rescue will keep them informed and expedite his return to a hospital of their choice.

While many of us think insurance is an unneccessary expense, it’s important to note that like a firefighting or personal survival training… when ship hits the fan it too late to start preparing.

If your ship travels to unusual places or you simply want a cost effective back up to your company’s medical plan visit their maritime website or call them at +1.800.381.9754. Be sure to mention you are a mariner or shipping company as this is a specialty service they provide to seafarers at no additional cost.

Also be sure to download their Mission Summaries pdf for some truly amazing stories of rescue.

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