Police Arrest Cruise Ship Captain After Deadly Collision

by Marton Dunai (Reuters) - A Hungarian court on Saturday ordered the arrest of the captain of a passenger ship that collided with a pleasure boat that capsized on the Danube, killing South Korean tourists on board, although it left open the possibility of granting him bail. Flood waters prevented attempts to reach the submerged boat on Saturday, three days after it … [Read more...]

Graded Assertiveness: Captain, I Have a Concern…

By Rich Madden - Last year, I was inbound to a port-that-will-remain-nameless, with the local pilot at the conn.  As we maneuvered up a winding channel, the channel curved to port, yet the pilot ordered starboard rudder as we approached the next turn.  Our 3rd officer, who had been onboard for over two months already and well-drilled in bridge resource management … [Read more...]

LIVE VIDEO: Congress Examines EL FARO Marine Casualty Reports

  https://youtu.be/1AOZ1QoQp2Q Above is the YouTube Live video of a hearing on the EL FARO Marine Casualty Report by the Subcommittee on Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation. It is gCaptain's hope that ambiguities in the USCG Commandant's Final Action Memo are addressed. Summary of Subject Matter Background Materials:  U.S. Coast Guard El … [Read more...]

Eight Survivors Recovered From Missing Kiribati Ferry

by Stephen Coates (Reuters) - New Zealand military planes on Monday were scouring a section of the Pacific Ocean for more survivors from the missing ferry MV Butiraoi after eight people were rescued from a dingy that was adrift for days. The survivors, including an unconscious teenage girl, were safely transferred to a nearby fishing vessel late on Sunday, Defence Force Air … [Read more...]