Mobilarm’s Crewsafe Man Overboard Safety System

Tim Konrad
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December 9, 2008

gCaptain’s Co Founder, Tim Konrad, and Marketing Director, Mike Schuler returned this week from the International WorkBoat Show where they had a chance to speak with the guys over at Mobilarm. The good fellows at Mobilarm have developed a new man overboard system known as Crewsafe. Crewsafe provides a new level of marine employee safety and security through crew location monitoring, automatic alarm and in-water tracking in a man overboard situation. It’s a pretty slick system that has the potential to save numerous lives. Here is a brief rundown of how the system works.

Each crew member is given a personal transceiver which wirelessly connects to a router that in turn connects to a display console. If a crew member falls overboard or activates his transceiver in an emergency situation his connection with the router is broken and a alarm is sounded. All other personal transceivers begin to flash and vibrate alerting the crew of the emergency. The Crewsafe management system will then inform the personel of which transceiver is unaccounted for while simultaneously providing crucial facts and medical information. A second device, the Mobilarm V100 VPIRB (VHF Position Indicating Radio Beacon), then takes over automatically transmiting a “MAYDAY MAN OVERBOARD” alert via VHF DSC on marine channel 70. Once a GPS lock is acquired, typically in less than 30 seconds, the Mobilarm V100 transmits a “MAYDAY MAN OVERBOARD” alert again, including the latitude and longitude coordinates of the person in the water, via VHF DSC and also by a synthesised VHF voice message on channel 16. The distress signal is broadcast to all vessels in the vicinity, including the distressed mariner’s vessel and any onshore VHF receiver within range. Messages are repeated at regular intervals until the MOB is rescued. The system requires no specialist training and is quite simple to use. This brief summery is a very general overview of the products capability’s. It seem to us that Mobilarm have thought of everything, including making the product fully scalable to the size of your crew and ship. We strongly suggest you take a look at their website for a full rundown of the product details. Very cool stuff…

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