How To Forge Your Own Traditional Sailor’s Knife

An alarming number of shipping companies today are banning knives and even many of the ones who still permit them only allow sailors to carry folding knives. This is a shame because fixed blade knives are stronger, safer (if you know how to use them) and - securely fastened to your belt - are quicker to draw in an emergency at sea.  A few knife companies make excellent … [Read more...]

The Upside to a Down Market: Innovation and Standardization in Norway

As a daily consumer of energy, I've been selfishly happy about the lower fuel prices of late. Low gas prices are good - at least that's what I thought.  And then last week, gCaptain sent me to Oslo  to attend the Subsea Valley Conference and Expo, and I learned that low fuel prices are also very bad. For those of you not paying attention (and until last week I was one of … [Read more...]

Just Chillin’

Viking Life Safety's re-launched PS5002 immersion suit received a thorough test recently after designers rejigged the the popular polar-conditions immersion suit. Jens Peter Kruse, Viking's Vice President for Personal Protective Equipment commented, “With many of our customers expanding their operations into extremely cold regions, we’ve upgraded both the suit’s capabilities … [Read more...]

Gear Review: Globalstar SatFi – Satellite WiFi

This article was written by Tom Nork via TheTeakRail, for reviews of the best marine gear visit No matter where you are sailing, whether it be 100 feet from shore, or miles out into the Pacific, it is nice to stay connected and know that loved ones and emergency responders are only a few taps away on your smartphone… if you have service. TheTeakRail … [Read more...]

Crazy Good Deal on gCaptain Gear

Time to make room for 2014 inventory... If it has a gCaptain logo on it, it's 40 percent off in the gCaptain store. Get yourself some gCaptain swag today. Here's just a snapshot of some of the other goodies on sale: … [Read more...]