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Rob Almeida
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November 27, 2014

viking life safety arctic suit

Viking Life Safety’s re-launched PS5002 immersion suit received a thorough test recently after designers rejigged the the popular polar-conditions immersion suit.

Jens Peter Kruse, Viking’s Vice President for Personal Protective Equipment commented, “With many of our customers expanding their operations into extremely cold regions, we’ve upgraded both the suit’s capabilities and the tests we subject it to.”

The company notes that part of their test was to refrigerate it at -60 degrees Celsius for 24 hours and have one of their test persons put it on.  At those temperatures, materials such as polymers become quite inelastic and in some cases unusable which, considering these suits will be stored in containers exterior of a ship or rig, is an important consideration. Viking notes the suit was able to be donned well within the SOLAS requirement time of 5 minutes.

PS5002 immersion suit viking

Designed to be worn without a lifejacket, the latest PS5002 features a double layer of insulation that not only offers protection from extreme cold, but provides enough inherent buoyancy to lift a significant portion of the wearer’s body clear of the icy water.


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