World’s Tallest Evacuation Chute Approved to 81 Meters – PHOTOS

VIKING Life-Saving Equipment says it has received type approval for its record setting 81-meter evacuation chute developed in response to the increasingly large rigs being introduced in the offshore industry. The new system was certified by Lloyd's Register to operate at an unprecedented height of 81 meters (265.7 feet) above sea level, along with an impressive … [Read more...]

Just Chillin’

Viking Life Safety's re-launched PS5002 immersion suit received a thorough test recently after designers rejigged the the popular polar-conditions immersion suit. Jens Peter Kruse, Viking's Vice President for Personal Protective Equipment commented, “With many of our customers expanding their operations into extremely cold regions, we’ve upgraded both the suit’s capabilities … [Read more...]

Statoil Outsources a Major Piece of the Offshore Lifesaving Equation

Over 10,000 ships worldwide carry marine lifesaving equipment from Denmark's Viking Life Safety, but like any such equipment, it requires a regular maintenance to stay in-periodicity and ready for when it's needed most. This is a major, but necessary hassle for marine crews, HSE professionals and administrators. To help owners meet requirements while removing the heavy … [Read more...]

Viking Life Safety’s South Korean Partner Recognized by Royal Danish Award

The Danish Export Association’s Diploma, and His Royal Highness Prince Henrik’s Medal of Honour, goes to VIKING Life-Saving Equipment’s Korean representative, Mr. J.W. Lee, for close to thirty years’ of successful business partnership. The recipient of the Danish Export Association’s Diploma, and His Royal Highness Prince Henrik’s Medal of Honour is Mr. J.W. Lee, a … [Read more...]