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Statoil Outsources a Major Piece of the Offshore Lifesaving Equation

Rob Almeida
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May 12, 2014

Image courtesy Viking Life Safety

Over 10,000 ships worldwide carry marine lifesaving equipment from Denmark’s Viking Life Safety, but like any such equipment, it requires a regular maintenance to stay in-periodicity and ready for when it’s needed most.

This is a major, but necessary hassle for marine crews, HSE professionals and administrators.

To help owners meet requirements while removing the heavy administrative burden, Viking has for the past five years offered service agreements to go along with their equipment… and the offshore industry has just taken notice.

At the end of April, Viking signed a 5-year service agreement with Statoil to support 36 of their platforms in the North Sea.

For Statoil, a company which has a wide variety of offshore platforms of various vintages, brands and safety equipment packages, keeping track of the equipment while balancing their associated servicing with supply boat schedules has been an enormous task, one that Viking will now assume.

Viking notes they now have “full responsibility for [Statoil’s] liferafts and chute systems, and its offshore service planning department coordinates scheduled servicing, including coordination with supply boat schedules.”

While at the Offshore Technology Conference last week, Benny Carlsen, Viking’s VP Offshore, notes that other offshore operators have recently approached him expressing interest in similar agreements.

“From an overall safety perspective, this is a real game-changer,” commented Carlsen. “Basically, we take care of all aspects of a rig owner’s safety equipment and servicing tasks for predictable, transparent prices.

This not only answers efficiency requirements but it can also lift the customer’s safety equipment and servicing arrangements to the higher levels required as exploration moves further from shore.”

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