Air Travel With Your Knife – How To

John Konrad
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January 7, 2008

The stats are in and 2007 was a bad year for lost baggage. We hope that you take crucial items like your license with you in a carry-on bag but what about you’re knife? Travel Better has a solution:

So I was wondering if you know if it’s possible to get a temporary PO box or a similar thing in order to mail your shampoo, cologne and other liquids to yourself at your destination city ahead of time to make sure you know it’s there before you even step on the plane. Are there such services?

Why yes!

You’ve got a few options, actually, and as long as you’re packing well and not mailing things that violate postal service regulations, then this could be a great way to avoid checked luggage, avoid the theatrics of the TSA war on moisture, and avoid having to buy stuff at your destination, all in one swoop!

There are essentially three options:

  1. Your hotel
    Where you stayin’? Call the hotel, ask if they hold mail for guests, and what the restrictions are. In all likelihood, this will be the most convenient and most reliable way for you to receive packages. Tip: Be sure you include “hotel guest” after your name when you address the package.
  2. Post office
    The magic words: “Poste restante,” or “general delivery.” Poste restante is an old fashioned mail-pickup service that most countries’ postal services still provide. Mail is addressed to a person, but in lieu of an address for delivery, the mail is sent to a post office branch, where you pick it up.
  3. American Express
    American Express cardmembers and travelers’ check holders can have mail sent to an American Express Travel Services office anywhere in the world. Call them before sending them mail, and ask if they receive and hold Amex client mail. Not every office will do it.

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