Thousands of Issued TWIC Cards Won’t Work Due to an Issuing ‘Error’

Not that many of you needed another reason to hate the TWIC program, but here it comes anyway. The TSA managed to issue thousands of TWIC cards that probably don't work. Some 26,000 holders of the Transportation Worker Identification Credential may not be able to use their cards at an electronic reader because of an encoding error, the Transportation Security … [Read more...]

TWIC Update – 1 Million Now Enrolled in TWIC Program

TWIC Program Update - One million port and longshore workers, truckers and others at ports across the nation have enrolled in the Department of Homeland Security's Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) program. The program's goal is to ensure that any individual who has unescorted access to secure areas of port facilities and vessels has received a thorough … [Read more...]

TWIC Locations – Google Map

With the help of our friends at Vessel Trax and many hours at the computer we have taken the list of Transportation Worker's Identification Card ( TWIC ) Enrollment Locations from the TSA's TWIC Info page and embedded them on the google map. Why the TSA has not done this already and is not blogging about TWIC is a question we can not answer but we are happy to take up their … [Read more...]

My TWIC enrollment experience – less that stellar

It comes as no surprise that we in the United States are security aware. Possible threats create new legislation on a regular basis. Today, I enrolled for my Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC.) The office was due to be opened at 08:00. Here's what happened. 07:57 I arrive at the Anacortes Wa. enrollment location, 5 miles from my home. 08:07 Worker … [Read more...]

Evolution Of Security – A Blog By TSA

In an unusual turn of events the TSA (United States' Transportation Security Agency) has launched a blog! While the review on NPR's show "On The Media" was positive, with the agency reportedly solving problems identified by readers, you have to wonder about the name, "Evolution Of Security", and the bloggers themselves. You can find the blogger profiles HERE but the following … [Read more...]