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John Konrad
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February 16, 2008

Evolution of security

In an unusual turn of events the TSA (United States’ Transportation Security Agency) has launched a blog! While the review on NPR‘s show “On The Media” was positive, with the agency reportedly solving problems identified by readers, you have to wonder about the name, “Evolution Of Security“, and the bloggers themselves. You can find the blogger profiles HERE but the following is an example;

Hi! My name is Ethel and I’m from Wisconsin. I like music, I love ice cream, and I adore weird facts: Did you know that elephants can smell water from as far away as three miles? I joined the TSA about a year ago – prior to that I attended MIT where I earned degrees in Biology, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, and had the amazing opportunity to work on projects like designing artificial gravity systems for NASA.

Noticeably missing is a total lack of coverage about issues related to TWIC – the Transortation Worker’s Identification card. We have also failed to find any discussion related to Maritime Affairs.

We only have two questions… When will the NMC or MARAD launch a blog? Will they be responsive to reader comments?

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