U.S. Coast Guard Loosens Radar Renewal Requirements for Experienced Mariners

The U.S. Coast Guard has published a final rule amending the requirements for renewal of a radar observer endorsement, making refresher courses no longer required for mariners who meet certain criteria.  The final rule, titled "Amendments to the Marine Radar Observer Refresher Training Regulations", amends the requirements for renewal of a radar observer endorsement for … [Read more...]

Anyone know this guy?

I think I might have run into this guy a bar in Rio a few years back, or perhaps it was at that tiki hut in Saipan... Anyone ever crossed paths with this guy? … [Read more...]

So You Want to Become a Mariner?

Reality Is Nothing Like The Dream By gCaptain.com Forum, So you got it somewhere in your head that a life at sea is for you. The constant adventure, interesting port calls, the mesmerizing sunrises and sunsets on the water, the never-ending sea stories to tell those back home are all you can think about. You've watched too many movies. Those days, if they ever really … [Read more...]

DOT Issues New Drug Testing Requirements

As many of you may already be aware, on August 16th the Department of Transportation issued a final rule amending certain provisions of its drug testing procedures that, once in effect on October 1, 2010, will affect anyone in a random drug testing program mandated by the US Coast Guard.  MaritimeLicensing.com has more information on the changes you should be aware of: The new … [Read more...]

USCG launches Merchant Mariner Certificate printing service

Ask and you shall recieve!  As reported earlier, the USCG has been working on a service allowing mariners to download a traditional 8x11 paper license that is suitable for printing and framing.  Well now it's here!  U.S. Licensed Merchant Mariners can now go to the USCG Homeport website to download their very own paper license, just like we used to do in the old days (circa May … [Read more...]