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Mariner Shortage – Your Opinions

Mike Schuler
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February 3, 2009


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While searching the web, I came across an article in the Chicago Tribune titled “Shipping Industry Runs Short of Mariners.”  Here is a brief introduction:

Long a symbol of romance and adventure, the seafaring life is attracting fewer young adults these days, creating a worsening personnel shortage for those hauling cargo across oceans and the Great Lakes.

Some shipping companies have told the U.S. Maritime Administration that the problem has forced them to dock or even sell vessels. Others said it has kept them from expanding fleets, or caused delayed voyages and lost contracts.

A cross-section of the maritime industry has been affected to varying degrees, from oil tankers and bulk cargo haulers to tugs, barges and ferries.

“It’s not limited to any region or any nation. It is a global challenge,” Maritime Administrator Sean Connaughton said. READ FULL ARTICLE

The author points to a number of factors contributing to this problem including tougher liscensing and training requirements, greater safety standards, technology that is increasing efficiency, but mainly, an aging workforce with less and less allure for young mariners entering the industry.

Ok enough from the article.  What we are interested in is what you, our readers and mariners, think of this mariner shortage and how it has effected you.  Be sure to let us know in the comments…

Here is a poll that we posted a while back to get things going:


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