U.S. Coast Guard Loosens Radar Renewal Requirements for Experienced Mariners

The U.S. Coast Guard has published a final rule amending the requirements for renewal of a radar observer endorsement, making refresher courses no longer required for mariners who meet certain criteria.  The final rule, titled "Amendments to the Marine Radar Observer Refresher Training Regulations", amends the requirements for renewal of a radar observer endorsement for … [Read more...]

USCG announces big changes for prospective hawespipers…

Figures the Coast Guard would drop this news right before the holiday weekend.  Thanks to our friends on watch in the Gulf of Mexico who gave us the heads-up... AS OF JULY 1, 2011, NMC POLICY LETTERS 01-02 and 16-02 ARE CANCELLED Please see the below details from the USCG... Qualification for an STCW Endorsement as Officer in Charge of a Navigational Watch … [Read more...]

Changes to Coast Guard medical form cause problems for merchant mariners

The National Maritime Center has been making unannounced changes to the Merchant Mariner Credential Medical Evaluation Report form needed for the application for the Merchant Mariner Credential.  According to AMO Currents, in some cases, the changes have even caused applications to be rejected. They tell us: The U.S. Coast Guard's National Maritime Center has apparently … [Read more...]

Changes to medical processing at the National Maritime Center

On April 12th, the USCG came out with a bulletin from the National Maritime Center (NMC) announcing several changes to the Mariner Medical Evaluations Division.  These changes were made with the intention of improving customer service, while at the same time, ensuring public safety remains the priority for the issuance of Mariner credentials at the NMC. The following are a … [Read more...]