Where is my license? NMC / REC Delay Chart

For those mariners awaiting license review at the Coast Guard’s National Maritime Center ( USCG NMC ) here’s a breakdown of the status of all applications.

USCG NMC Credentialing Status Chart

Capt. David Stalfort has published a memo with the following comments that might help you figure out what this all means.

The Quality Assurance Division at NMC conducted a nationwide analysis of 11,619 applications
that are over 60 days old to identify the cause of delays. The results show that 45% of these
pending applications are sitting on shelves waiting for mariners to send missing information to
their evaluator. A large number of applications (28%) are currently being undergoing security,
medical and professional qualification evaluations. A good number of applications (16%) are
sitting idle waiting for mariners to come to the REC to be tested.

You can download the memo HERE and find out “What’s New” at the NMC HERE.