Gigantic Pipes Beach in England After Breaking Free from Tow

Authorities in the UK are monitoring four gigantic plastic pipes that have washed ashore after breaking free while under tow off the east coast of England. The Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) said the four pipes are part of a shipment of twelve Norwegian-built plastic pipes under tow to Algeria. Eight sections of pipe remain secured and under control off the East … [Read more...]

Adrift Cargo Ship Rescued in Gulf of Alaska

A tugboat crew from Resolve Marine together with the U.S. Coast Guard helped rescue an adrift 400-foot cargo vessel with 12 people aboard during a multiple day operation in the Gulf of Alaska. The Coast Guard says it received a distress call October 5 from the master of cargo ship BBC Colorado reporting that they had experienced a severe engine casualty, … [Read more...]

We Won’t Learn Anything: What Sank El Faro and What Didn’t

On Wednesday night, the final rescue crews on the El Faro mission called in, "We are returning to base - negative results," and left the search area. The hearts of family and friends finished a breaking that began a week ago, and all they are left with now are questions. As unspeakably tragic as the last week has been, I know that more heartbreak is … [Read more...]

Movie Trailer for ‘The Finest Hours’ – The Remarkable True Story of the SS Pendleton Rescue

  Disney has just release its first trailer from its new film The Finest Hours, based on the remarkable true story of "the greatest small boat rescue in U.S. Coast Guard history." The film tells the story of the SS Pendleton, a 10,448 gross ton "T2" tanker which broke in half during a fierce nor'easter while off the coast of Cape Cod on February 18, 1952. Of the … [Read more...]

House OK’s Bipartisan Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation Bill

WASHINGTON, DC – The House of Representatives on Wednesday passed H.R. 5769, the Howard Coble Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation Act of 2014, by an overwhelmingly bipartisan vote of 413-3. The bipartisan, bicameral legislation reauthorizes funding for the United States Coast Guard and Coast Guard Reserve, and the Federal Maritime Commission. It also provides policy … [Read more...]