NMC Newsletter Subscriptions Announced

John Konrad
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October 25, 2007


The USCG just announced efficiency newsletters from the National Maritime Center. They tell us:

The Coast Guard maintains an active public and industry awareness outreach program aimed at communicating information about the Mariner Licensing and Documentation Program. These mailing lists are one of the innovative ways in which the Coast Guard relays important information.

Here are the lists:

National Maritime Center Updates
Information concerning the National Maritime Center's (NMC) operations, process improvements, and important information on merchant mariner credentials.

NMC Performance Reports
Information from the National Maritime Center on credential production performance statistics, including processing time, application inventory, and customer satisfaction. These reports will communicate the results of improvements to credential production processes and customer services.

MLD Program Policy Updates
Information from the Mariner Licensing and Documentation program manager at Coast Guard Headquarters on changes to regulations, Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circulars (NVICs) and other policy guidance.

REC News/Announcements
Announcements concerning Regional Examination Center (REC) locations, hours of operation, contact information and other pertinent REC operations information.

Mariner Information/News
Information for individual mariners seeking licenses and/or Merchant Mariner Documents, including changes to the credential application, medical physical and other forms, revisions to checklist, information packets, instruction guides, information for healthcare professionals, selected Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's), NMC Point of Contact (POCs), and other pertinent information.

Coast Guard Approved Courses
Information on Coast Guard approved training, courses, examinations, course audits, and other pertinent information.

I’ll been signing up for the “NMC Performance Reports” first as their stats should be unfavorable skewed this month after loosing my wife’s 2/m upgrade. To their credit the application was approved in record time once she was able to get them on the phone.

Looking for some insider information on NMC activities? CLICK HERE for their internal updates and newsletters.

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