A Cruise Ship For The Seasick

John Konrad
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April 29, 2009

Queen Elizabeth Elite Cruise Ship Hotel - Kemer Turkey

One of the first questions I routinely get asked when people find out I work aboard ship is “Do You Get Seasick”. I find this question rather amusing considering that no amount of monetary compensation can justify the look I’ve seen on the faces of those prone to this ailment. For those in love with the idea of cruise ship travel but unwilling to step foot off the dock architects in Turkey might have your solution. News.com.au tells us:

Situated between the legendary Toros Mountains and the sparkling turquoise Mediterranean in Göynük, the Queen Elizabeth Elite Suite Hotel & Spa is a five-star luxury hotel in the guise of a massive cruise liner.

The hotel has been constructed on a purpose-built harbour, with ship-shaped villas, swimming pools, bars and vistas, as well as theme park rides.

Inside the 325-roomed hotel, guests can relax in saunas, Turkish baths, shock pools, steam rooms and Jacuzzis, while the spa and wellness centre offers a variety of therapies and treatments. (Photo GalleryVideo)

If you are looking for some more a authentic stationary cruise then you will have to wait for the QEII to reach Dubai, where she will become part of the new Dubai Maritime City. You could also just shop in a ship or visit maritime inspired destinations in a city near you.

For those looking to avoid sea sickness aboard a real ship here are a few tips:

Watch what you eat, avoid unusual smells, stay away from those who are prone to getting sick and, if all else fails, get topside and look at the horizon. Sea Sickness is most often triggered by confusion in your brain so, like most activities aboard ship, the best prevention is a relaxed but occupied mind.

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