Underwater Hotels – The World’s Most Spectacular

When your looking for adventure travel, the maritime industry has some spectacular options. From eco-cruise ships to Freighter Travel and more, the ocean is makes for a great excuse to leave work behind and enjoy life. But of all the options for eco-tourism, staying the night underwater is one of the most exciting options. Posiedon Mystery Island WebUrbanist brings us … [Read more...]

The History And Future Of Flotel Ships

In 1977 the JCE Group AB, founder of Consafe Offshore AB, built the world's first purpose built flotel semi-submersible, named Safe Astoria. Since that time, the best solution for short-term offshore accommodation consists of the use of these flotels next to the rig. But these semi- submersible flotels also present some disadvantages: High cost of acquisition. High operation … [Read more...]

A Cruise Ship For The Seasick

One of the first questions I routinely get asked when people find out I work aboard ship is "Do You Get Seasick". I find this question rather amusing considering that no amount of monetary compensation can justify the look I've seen on the faces of those prone to this ailment. For those in love with the idea of cruise ship travel but unwilling to step foot off the dock … [Read more...]