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poseidon mystery island - underwater hotel

Underwater Hotels – The World’s Most Spectacular

John Konrad
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April 6, 2013

When your looking for adventure travel, the maritime industry has some spectacular options. From eco-cruise ships to Freighter Travel and more, the ocean is makes for a great excuse to leave work behind and enjoy life. But of all the options for eco-tourism, staying the night underwater is one of the most exciting options.

Posiedon Mystery Island

poseidon mystery island - underwater hotel

WebUrbanist brings us this pick for luxury subsea accommodation. The above picture is of The Posiedon Myster Island: “The Poseidon Mystery Island is competing for the title of the world’s first luxury underwater resort. The complex will be designed by Bruce Jones, famous for designing a series of $80-million luxury submarines with their own private state rooms and plush carpets, designed for voyages of up to three weeks in length. The project will cost $105 million and will be submerged next to a private island at a depth of 40 feet with an amazing view of the ocean floor.”

Hydropolis Underwater Hotel, Dubai

Hydropolis Underwater Hotel, Dubai

Underconstruction since, at least, 2007 Dubai’s Hydropolis is the world’s first luxury underwater hotel. The design calls for three elements to bring visitor’s minds from the sand to watery splendor: the land station, the welcome center for guests, the tunnel connecting the structure via train to land, and the 220 suites within the submarine hotel-complex. Regardless of being underwater – It’s one of the “largest contemporary construction projects in the world”, consuming an area of over 260 hectares.

Apeiron Island Hotel, Dubai

Apeiron Island Hotel

While only partially underwater the Aperiron hotel in Duabi is impressive indeed. Dubai FAQ’s tell us:

The Apeiron Island Hotel is a concept hotel of 7 stars in Dubai. If the plans ever get funding, The Apeiron Hotel would be the second self awarded 7 star hotel to be built in Dubai. The Apeiron would have 350 luxury apartment rooms of jungle theme. The hotel itself is to be built on an island about 300+ meters off the coast of Dubai – and accessible only by helicopter or boat. The topfloors of the hotel will contain a man-made jungle with butterflies and other insects. Other features in the design include an art gallery, cinemas, conference facilities, shopping, an underwater spa with pool, an underwater restaurant, and private lagoons & beaches for the guests.

Jules Undersea Lodge

 Jules Undersea Lodge

If you are looking for a hotel you can stay in tonight you are going to have to put aside luxury but options are available including Jules Undersea Lodge in Key West, USA.

Once a fully-functional underwater research lab Jules Undersea Lodge now offers underwater rooms for those interested in living with a full view of the reef. Guests of the undersea hotel can choose from a variety of options which include, meals, the rental of diving equipment and SCUBA instruction. The Lodge also offers educational programs, which teaches guests about underwater habitats, and allows them to visit undersea laboratories used by aquanauts to conduct research into sea life.

Sweden’s Utter Inn

utter underwater inn

If Jules’ Lodege didn’t impress you with its lack of luxury accomidations then be sure to scroll right past this offering, Sweden’s Utter Inn. Information is sparse on this no-frills accommodation but Wikipedia tells us: “Utter Inn (Swedish) or in English, Otter Inn, is an art project by Mikael Genberg which offers underwater accommodation to the public. The facility is entered through a typical Swedish red house located on the surface of the water. The only representation of this concept is, at this point, located in Lake Mälaren near the town of VästerÃ¥s in Sweden.”

Turkey’s Underwater Hotel


This hotel is so secretive, the name is still under wraps but it claims to be opening in 2010.  But, a highly cloaked press release tells us… Visitors to Istanbul will soon have a chance to view the most spectacular ocean views on the planet. A 7 floor, self appointed 7-star hotel is being built underwater where a tobacco factory was once located (clue?). There will be exhibition halls, and restaurants, and all rooms will be sea facing.

The inauguration of these accommodations is set to coincide with the area’s taking over as the Cultural Capital of Europe in 2010.”

Trilobis Floating Apartment – An Investment Opportunity?


We we sought to find the world’s best underwater hotels and we seem to have mostly failed. But there is one manufacturer of floating homes that has an interesting product, Trilobis. The company’s Trilobis 65 model is a semi-submerged apartment environment. Reaching 20 metres LOA it has space for the comfortable living of six people at sea.In addition to the undersea compontnet, eco-tourists might flock to a hotel that offered Trilobis 65’s for rent because it was designed to allow anyone to live through a self sufficient, non-polluting dwelling cell in unison with their ocean surroundings. Further, the shape of Trilobis 65 allows the annular aggregation of more modular units, creating island colonies.

So if you have an entrepreneurial spirit, consider purchasing a few Trilobis model homes. Otherwise our suggestion is to wait a few years until the technology exists to help develop the market for underwater resorts.

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