Dubai Maritime City

Mike Schuler
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August 5, 2008

Adding to Dubai’s portfolio of lucrative development projects, Dubai Maritime City looks be yet another world first.  Mark Burns from explains:

Described as the world’s first purpose built maritime centre, Dubai Maritime City is a state of the art development zone, designed to act as a regional hub for the maritime business in Dubai. A genuinely mixed use development, Dubai Maritime City will also offer a range of luxury residential and commercial opportunities ensuring that the area becomes a focal point for the near 5,000 regional maritime companies working in Dubai. As well as the residential, industrial and commercial areas, the development will also include a large maritime research academy, designed to offer the companies in the regional access to the very latest developments and technology within the marine industry.

As with many of the free zone development areas in Dubai, Maritime City is designed to create a regional hub of sector specific companies. Within the development, there will be a focus on six major sectors within the maritime industry: marine services, marine management, product marketing, marine research and education, recreation and ship design and manufacturing. The only facility of its kind in the world, Dubai Maritime City seems set to become a global ‘centre of excellence’ for the maritime industry.

Check out this animated video that describes all Dubai Maritime City has to offer.

Upon completion in 2012, Dubai Maritime City will be the world’s largest maritime development.  It will sit on a 2.27 square-kilometer man-made peninsula, consisting of over 30 million cubic meters of dredged sand and over 2.5 million cubic meters of rock, strategically located between Dubai’s Port Rashid terminal and Dubai Drydock.

For more information, check out the Dubai Maritime City official website HERE

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