Cruise Line Cancels Plan to Return SS United States to Sea

Any hope of the SS United States returning to the high seas as a modern luxury cruise ship has now faded with Los Angeles-based Crystal Cruises cancelling its plan to restore the vessel after a feasibility study determined that the project was just a bit too ambitious. Crystal Cruises instead will be donating $350,000 to help secure a future for the famed transatlantic … [Read more...]

S.S. United States Restoration One of Many Grand Projects for Crystal Cruises

(Bloomberg) -- “You either grow or die.” To Edie Rodriguez, president and CEO of Crystal Cruises, those words weren’t just lip service for the journalists and VIPs gathered in the Seychelles recently, they’re a rallying call for a brand that’s won a raft of travel magazine reader polls since its founding in 1988, but never grown beyond two mid-size cruise ships—until … [Read more...]

SS United States: America’s Flagship, Historic Maritime Artifact and Engineering Marvel

She was built as an unsinkable ship, a claim allegedly attributed to Bruce Ismay, the managing partner of the White Star Line, the direct shipowning company of the famous RMS Titanic.  The year was 1912, and liner companies were in fierce competition with each other for the Transatlantic passenger trade. Fate would not be kind to Ismay and RMS Titanic as both soon floundered … [Read more...]