The World’s Fastest Liner May Soon Be A Mall Near You

John Konrad
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April 3, 2012
Photo Of The SS United States by Gene Carl Feldman

Will the world’s fastest cruise liner soon be turned into an urban shopping mall?

After over a decade sitting idle and collecting rust on a Delaware River pier, momentum is building for the effort to save the greatest American ocean liner ever built, the SS United States.  The SS United States Conservancy (SSUSRP), in an announced partnership with New Canaan Advisors LLC (NCA),  real estate advisors with a history of undertaking redevelopment programs, will transform the historic ship into a “stationary, multi-purpose waterfront destination”.

The SS United States, which celebrates her 60th birthday this year, is the largest passenger vessel ever constructed in the United States and, at nearly 1,000 feet long, she remains the fastest ocean liner to cross the North Atlantic.

“We believe that New Canaan Advisors is the right firm to help us translate our vision for the future of the SS United States into a reality,” said Dan McSweeney, Managing Director of the SS United States Redevelopment Project. “They have the unique experience of handling both high-profile projects and historic properties, making them a great asset for our team.”

NCA’s  concept is to invite a mixed-use commercial and public development for revenue-generating uses including event space, restaurants, retail, and hotel.

“We are fully committed to restoring and redeveloping this great symbol of American pride and innovation.  Like the Statue of Liberty, there is only one SS United States, and we are determined to save the ship for future generations,” said Susan L Gibbs, the Conservancy’s executive director and granddaughter of SS United States designer, William Francis Gibbs.

NCA’s founder and Chief Advisor, Curtis C. Battles, adds “The role that NCA will play in the redevelopment of the SS United States is a great example of the way we seek to add value for all our clients.  We are proud to be a part of this significant project.” Prior to founding NCA, Battles worked on the redevelopment of two of New York City’s most visible commercial real estate icons – Grand Central Terminal and the World Trade Center.

No decision has been made on if she will remained docked in Philadelphia or towed to a new location but gCaptain has been told that her next berth place will be in a major East Coast metropolitan location.

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