Fastest Ship – The SS United States Faces Uncertain Future

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June 24, 2008

Vinage SS Independance Poster

Popular Mechanics updates us on the the World’s Fastest Ship, or at least the vessel currently holding the transatlantic speed record the mighty SS United States. They write:

Though I didn’t know it then, at age 4, that wake, sharp and narrow, was a clue to what made the SS United States one of the greatest—if not the greatest—ocean liners of the 20th century. To cut such a trail in the water a ship has to be fast, and there was no ocean liner faster than the one known to enthusiasts as the “Big U.” Although four city blocks long and 17 stories high, the United States could slice through water at 44 knots, or more than 50 mph—14 knots faster than today’s largest cruise ship, the Queen Mary 2. During her maiden voyage in 1952, the ship set records on both the east and westbound crossings; the latter, three days, 12 hours and 12 minutes at an average speed of 34.5 knots, has never been broken.

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Considering the recent lose of the SS Independence, we certainly hope she can be saved.


You can do your part to help save this ship HERE.

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