Maritime Monday for April 29th, 2013: Weimar

Lasar Segall's work was considered "degenerate art" by Nazi Germany and and could no longer be shown in exhibitions. Segall created one of his most famous artworks in 1939, known as Navio de emigrantes (Ship of Emigrants). A ship, overcrowded with emigrant passengers, their solemn faces and lack of expression showing the brutal reality of emigrants during their depressing, and … [Read more...]

MV Doulos: The World’s Oldest Passenger Ship

MV Doulos Update 2010: On March 18, 2010, Doulos was handed over to her new owner, Mr Eric Shaw, Director and Chief Executive of BizNaz Resources International Pte Ltd in Singapore. The new owners plan on preserving the historic ship. She will be renamed Doulos Phos, or Servant Light, in this process. The MV Doulos is the world's oldest active ocean going passenger ship. … [Read more...]

Fastest Ship – The SS United States Faces Uncertain Future

Popular Mechanics updates us on the the World's Fastest Ship, or at least the vessel currently holding the transatlantic speed record the mighty SS United States. They write: Though I didn't know it then, at age 4, that wake, sharp and narrow, was a clue to what made the SS United States one of the greatest—if not the greatest—ocean liners of the 20th century. To … [Read more...]

Cunard’s Three Queens Visit The Big Apple

Photo by AurelioZen NewYorkology tells us of the first / last ever meeting of its three grand ships; Cunard's one-time-only royal rendezvous of its three queens -- the QE2, QM2 and recently christened Queen Victoria -- will be celebrated at 7 p.m. on January 13 with a harbor fireworks show as the three grand cruise liners meet near the Statue of Liberty. The QE2 and … [Read more...]