James Bond is Envious – Kongsberg’s C’Inspector

Meet one of the newest maritime security toy; Kongsberg's C'Inspector UUV. Not sure what a UUV is? Well neither did we but we quickly discovered the acronym stands for Unmanned Undersea Vehicle. Looking like a torpedo with an eye, this device will certainly be a featured star if they ever decide to remake James Bond's undersea thriller Thunderball. What  could be the need … [Read more...]

The Importance Of Accounting For People At Sea

Here is a more information about how the Mumbai terrorist attack developed, provided by UK based Warship magazine. That the boat carrying the terrorists was boarded and the boarding officers captured and killed without alerting the authorities should reaffirm the importance of supporting and keeping track of our people. Hopefully this would not have happened to a USCG team. … [Read more...]

A New Solution To A Pressing Problem – Maritime Piracy

Photo By Cayusa Note: This article was originally posted in The Maritime Executive Newsletter and can be found HERE. The dynamic in the Gulf Of Aden is changing by the day. The last two weeks brought news of two separate attacks on Cruise Ships and a determined attack against a convoy under the protection of an Italian navy destroyer. The one constant in the region is a … [Read more...]

Cruise Ship Detours Guests Around Gulf of Aden

Without question, piracy off the soast of Somalia is a problem that is costing time, money, headaches and lives. As of right now there is really no end in sight. Many shipping companies are taking extreme measures, like re-routing their vessels around the Cape of Good Hope, in order to avoid the possibility of being hijacked. Broken down, this means that the costs associated … [Read more...]