James Bond is Envious – Kongsberg’s C’Inspector

John Konrad
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October 25, 2010

c'inspector - kongsberg uuv

Meet one of the newest maritime security toy; Kongsberg’s C’Inspector UUV. Not sure what a UUV is? Well neither did we but we quickly discovered the acronym stands for Unmanned Undersea Vehicle. Looking like a torpedo with an eye, this device will certainly be a featured star if they ever decide to remake James Bond’s undersea thriller Thunderball.

What  could be the need for such a device? I’ll let Kongsberg explain:

C’Inspector is a flexible, low-cost and efficient multi-purpose Unmanned Undersea Vehicle (UUV). With standard sensor-configuration it can be used for inspection, interactive threat identification and interception. The vehicle can be equipped with different sensors to cover a wide range of missions.

The vehicle has a modular design which makes the system flexible and easy to maintain and moves fast through the water carrying its own energy source. It is controlled by a portable or fixed operator-station. Only a thin optical-fibre connects the vehicle with the operator station. The fibre cable can be expendable or reusable and more than 4,000m in length. Read More…

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