James Bond is Envious – Kongsberg’s C’Inspector

Meet one of the newest maritime security toy; Kongsberg's C'Inspector UUV. Not sure what a UUV is? Well neither did we but we quickly discovered the acronym stands for Unmanned Undersea Vehicle. Looking like a torpedo with an eye, this device will certainly be a featured star if they ever decide to remake James Bond's undersea thriller Thunderball. What  could be the need … [Read more...]

The Most Dangerous Hour In Shipping

Question: What is The most dangerous hour in shipping? Answer: 22:24 to 23:45 There are three watches aboard ship 00-04 (i.e. 0000 to 0400 and 1600 to 2200) is often stood by the Second Mate. 04-08 is often stood by the Chief Mate. 08-12 is stood by the Third Mate. The C/M stands the 04-08 so he's up and ready for the day workers to start work at 0800 and the Third Mate … [Read more...]

Health Effects Of Working The Night Shift – A Cause Of Concern

Photo by OneEighteen We have some bad news to report for mates working the 00-04 watch. Like UV rays and diesel exhaust fumes, working the graveyard shift will soon be listed as a "probable" cause of cancer. The Associated Press tells us; Next month, the International Agency for Research on Cancer, the cancer arm of the World Health Organization, will add overnight shift … [Read more...]

Our Biggest Export to China; Recycling Material (aka Trash)

From the "Maritime Monday" archives a popular post from original MM author Fred Fry a story straight from the trash heap..... "Guangzhou Customs Intercepted and Captured “Imported Rubbish” While China is well-known for exporting most everything under the sun. However, they are also big importers, mostly of raw materials. But their definition of raw materials is … [Read more...]

Ghost Ship – The Flying Dutchman

The legend of The Flying Dutchman is said to have started in 1641 when a Dutch ship sank off the coast of the Cape of Good Hope: In the year 1729, a Dutch ship called the Flying Dutchman 1, captained by the infamous Vanderdecken, set sail towards the Cape of Good Hope, Africa's southernmost tip which has long been associated with difficult sailing conditions and shipwrecks. … [Read more...]