Our Biggest Export to China; Recycling Material (aka Trash)

John Konrad
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August 5, 2010

American's Largest Export to China - Trash

From the “Maritime Monday” archives a popular post from original MM author Fred Fry a story straight from the trash heap….. “Guangzhou Customs Intercepted and Captured “Imported Rubbish”

While China is well-known for exporting most everything under the sun. However, they are also big importers, mostly of raw materials. But their definition of raw materials is pretty broad to include about 40 different grades of ‘waste paper’ (including one that permits up to 5% non-paper material) as well as garbage.

Of course, there is a limit to what they will accept, and Chinese Customs is tasked with ensuring that the imported material is acceptable.

A Dirtiest Jobs exclusive worthy of a Mike Rowe trip to China!

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