Drunk Tanker Captain Sentenced to Prison

[Image (c) Peninsula Daily News] Seattle – SEONG UG SIN, a citizen of Korea, and captain of the STX Daisy was sentenced today in U.S. District Court in Tacoma to 14 days in prison, and 6 months of supervised release, during which time he is not allowed to sail in United States waters. SIN was arrested April 14, 2010, after a Coast Guard inspection crew found him drunk … [Read more...]

Our Biggest Export to China; Recycling Material (aka Trash)

From the "Maritime Monday" archives a popular post from original MM author Fred Fry a story straight from the trash heap..... "Guangzhou Customs Intercepted and Captured “Imported Rubbish” While China is well-known for exporting most everything under the sun. However, they are also big importers, mostly of raw materials. But their definition of raw materials is … [Read more...]

Google Toolbar Buttons – Maritime Edition

Introducing gCaptain's Google Toolbar buttons. How do you get them? Click on one of the images then... if you already have Google's Toolbar installed then a small anchor button will be added to it. if you don't have the Toolbar then you will be allowed to add it to your browser. … [Read more...]

A Year In Shipping – A 2008 gCaptain Roundup

2008 marked the first full year of operation here at gCaptain.com and the growth we saw was both amazing and unexpected. In 2008, we grew by over 136%, receiving over 780,000 visitors and over 2 million page views. We had visitors from all seven continents and welcomed visitors from every nation on earth with the exception of Chad, Mali, Brazzaville and Tajikistan. Our … [Read more...]

Maritime News Discoverer Voting Campaign

Our Maritime News Discoverer is really taking off. Our google page views have almost doubled and feedback is excellent. Our one problem… we need you to vote on stories. It's the key to the discoverer system. So visit Maritime News Discoverer and if you like a story click vote. You should then see the story's ranking number increase by one. Votes are how the good … [Read more...]