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John Konrad
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November 6, 2007

gcaptain tools logo

The good news;

We have competently overhauled the tools landing page to provide direct links to our most popular features.

We have launched a new feature that you may find very useful… gCaptain’s news and jobs mashup. Ok, we know the average mariner has no idea what a mashup or its underlaying technology (RSS feed scrapers) is but we hope you can figure it all out. Basically we take headlines from the leading maritime news organizations (and job boards!) around the web and display them on a single easy to navigate and searchable page.

You can find the mashups via our new tools landing page (click on “tools” in the upper right corner of the site) but here are the direct links;



Bad News,

We are working out a bug in our Maritime News Discoverer page and expect that area of the site to be down for a few days(our database team was able to get it back up and running… many thanks Mark).

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