Antique Chart Overlays – Google Mashup

Ever wonder how your voyage plan would look to Gerardus Mercator, John Speed or even Captain Cook? Laying out voyage plans has gotten easier in the past decade. From excel spreadsheets to nautical calculators and ECDIS programs, every Second Mate has a tool that assists him in laying out the best route to get his vessel from point A to point B. For a recent project here at … [Read more...]

Google Earth – Pirate Attacks World Wide

This was originally posted on July 2, 2008 but with more and more pirate attacks in the news I have updated it and think it deserves another look.  This comes in response the recent hijack of a Malaysian ship in the Gulf of Aden and is the fourth attack in the area this month. Piracy has long been a problem in the Gulf of Aden, where one of the world's busiest shipping … [Read more...]

New Tools Section

The good news; We have competently overhauled the tools landing page to provide direct links to our most popular features. We have launched a new feature that you may find very useful... gCaptain's news and jobs mashup. Ok, we know the average mariner has no idea what a mashup or its underlaying technology (RSS feed scrapers) is but we hope you can figure it all out. … [Read more...]

Hurricane Tracking Mashup

Here is a list of gCaptain's picks for the most interesting ways to track Hurricanes. 1)'s Hurricane Tracker. Click on past and future tracking points for more detail on the storm. … [Read more...]