Hurricane Tracking Mashup

John Konrad
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September 18, 2007

Here is a list of gCaptain’s picks for the most interesting ways to track Hurricanes.

1)’s Hurricane Tracker. Click on past and future tracking points for more detail on the storm.

2)CONSUS SE Doppler Radar Image
CONSUS SE Doppler Radar Image

3) Satellite IR view Gulf of Mexico

4) The National Forecast Chart:

The National Forecast Chart

5) NOAA’s GEOS IR Loop showing satellite IR views of Hurricane Dean.

Geos Hurricane View

Text Alerts:

Latest Hurricane Photos from Flickr:

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

Marine Weather Blogs:

Best Tracking Websites:

  1. Google Earth Hurricane Tracking Files
  2. Weather Underground – Hurricane Dean
  3. Unisys 2007 Hurricanes
  4. National Hurricane Center – Dean
  5. U.S. Navy’s NOGAPS Forecast
  6. NHC’s Satellite Image Links Page

Track it yourself with NOAA’s Tracking Chart (PDF download):
Hurricane Tracking Chart

All of these links can be found on

gCaptain’s Weather Links Page

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