Alaska Charts Dangerously Outdated According To NOAA

“Much of Alaska's coastal area has never had full bottom surveys to measure water depths,” according to Cmdr. James Crocker, commanding officer of the NOAA Ship Fairweather upon embarking on a 30-day survey mission to the Arctic this week. “A tanker, carrying millions of gallons of oil, should not be asked to rely on measurements gathered in the 19th century. … [Read more...]

Pay As You Sail – Transas Offers Free Charts For Voyage Planning

One of the frustrations of planning voyages to new ports is obtaining charts. To reduce costs and also to avoid having to correct old charts, shipping companies often don't purchase the needed charts until just before departing to a new port and this limits the navigator's ability to prepare for the voyage. In recent years, mariners have turned to Google Earth and … [Read more...]

iPad Charting Apps – Has ECDIS Reached the Small Screen?

In just two short years, Apple's iPad has grown to dominate the world of tablet computing with over 48 million units sold. Tomorrow Apple is set to announce the third version of the unit, the iPad HD, so gCaptain wanted to take a minute to look at the best software options for the device. While none of them have IMO approval, you can be sure that these programs, and countless … [Read more...]

Digital Charts – NOAA Takes Technological Leap Forward in Creating Navigational Charts

NOAA's development of a new navigational chart processing system, designed to meet the changing needs of the maritime community, moves into initial limited production on September 21. The new system, which slims down the current map production process while it beefs up performance, represents a technological leap forward in creating the navigational charts used to speed ships … [Read more...]