biodiesel boating – circumnavigation attempt

John Konrad
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November 6, 2007

Biodeisel boat

The G Living Network brings us The Earthracer BioDiesel Experimental Racing Ship Boat and it’s attempt to circumnavigate the globe;

This is our first time covering the Earthracer, a racing ship using Biodiesel as fuel, as it attempts to circle the globe. We are covering it now because a friend and one of our first G Living Live host, Ziya Tong, did a show on the ship and its crew for the Canadian Knowledge Network.
Watch the Show

Revolutionary Design
Earthrace is a 78 foot wave piercing trimaran designed by New Zealand navel architect Craig Loomis Design Group and was built by Calibre Boats. To ensure the lowest weight and highest strength possible, the hull is constructed of carbon fiber with a top layer of Kevlar. Earthrace has concluded its sea trials and Skipper Pete Bethune is confident the boat is structurally sound to circumnavigate the globe. Read More….

they also have a video which can be found HERE


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