Captain John Konrad, gCaptain Founder & CEO

Captain John Konrad, Founder and CEO of gCaptain

Shipping Podcast Hosts A Controversial Interview With Captain John Konrad, Founder & CEO Of gCaptain

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July 19, 2021

For over half a decade Lena Gothberg’s Shipping Podcast has been the most downloaded and influential podcast in the maritime industry. Produced in Gothenburg, Sweden, the Shipping Podcast has interviewed 167 of the world’s top maritime industry leaders and has been a source of both groundbreaking and sometimes controversial new ideas. In the latest episode, Lena interviews our very own Captain John Konrad, Founder & CEO of gCaptain.

In this episode, Konrad does not pull any punches. He discusses a wide range of topics from the emergence of new maritime social media role models like Captain Thomas Lindegaard Madsen and Captain Kate McCue, to the darker topics like social equity, human rights, and sexual abuse at sea.

Konrad also discusses his frustrations with the IMO, US Navy, Biden Administration, and MARAD as well as his recent and highly controversial Day Of The Seafarer article Death, Cancer, Suicide, and Maersk. He discusses Frank Coles’ new seafarer travel petition and Cole’s suggestion that seafarers strike for human rights.

It is unlikely that you’ll agree with everything Lena and John talk about but that’s the point. “Shipping today is preoccupied with HR and PR niceness,” says Konrad. “We avoid disagreement and debates about the uncomfortable truths in shipping. This is a mistake.”

Listen Now: The Shipping Podcast 167 Captain John Konrad, founder and CEO of gCaptain

Shipping Podcast 167 Captain John Konrad, founder and CEO of gCaptain

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