Why NOBODY Wants To Recognize US Merchant Marine Veterans

In this controversial episode of The REAL gCaptain Podcast Captain John Konrad explores why WWII US Merchant Marine Veterans and many Merchant Navy Allies are still fighting TODAY for full veteran status... and why this battle is of critical importance to the future. His answer might surprise you. Also in this episode.... John is excited to announce that he will be … [Read more...]

Why Are American Shipyards So Expensive And Prone To Delay?

In today’s episode of The REAL gCaptain podcast Captain John Konrad reflects on a topic that frustrates, saddens and sometimes angers him… the state of American Shipyards today. The fact is that building ships in America is significantly more expensive and prone to delay (which is VERY expensive from an economists point of view). The question is why? And John’s answer to … [Read more...]

The Most Dangerous Hour In Shipping Is NOT 23:00 To Midnight

Most professional mariners agree that the most dangerous hour of shipping is the hour between 23:00 and 24:00 - this is because it’s the one hour when the most junior officer, the 3rd Mate, is alone on the bridge of most ships - but a new book by New York Times bestselling author Daniel Pink suggests that the most dangerous time of shipping starts at 13:00 in the … [Read more...]

Seasickness. What Is It? What Causes It? Is There Any Hope?

In today's episode of The REAL gCaptain Podcast we tell you everything you need to know about the horrible, nasty and disgusting condition known as seasickness. We also offers advice from professional mariners on curbing the nausea. Related Articles: Top 50 Cures For Seasickness Our Favorite Simple Seasickness Cure: Anti-Nausea Ginger Gum   Don't … [Read more...]

Is Sexual Harassment A Legitimate Maritime Issue In 2018?

In the recent decades the shipping and offshore industries have spent millions of dollars on Human Resource departments and initiatives to prevent sexual harassment aboard ship. Our question is... have they solved the problem? In today's episode of we explore the prevalence of rape and sexual harassment aboard ships. Don't miss the latest episode.... subscribe to our … [Read more...]