Announcing The REAL gCaptain Podcast

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September 18, 2018

In 2007, gCaptain launched the first world’s first maritime news podcast, and since that day, gCaptain founder John Konrad has recorded over 200 maritime podcasts both here on gCaptain and elsewhere.  

Today, we are proud to announce that he’s back with an ALL NEW SHOW titled The REAL gCaptain Podcast

In this new format, Konrad hopes to combine his experience as a Master Mariner with two decades of experience aboard vessels at sea with his decade-long experience as a maritime journalist, author, and podcaster.

“We are calling this The REAL gCaptain Podcast because we want to sail right through the bullshit and give you my real opinion on matters that excite and concern me today,” said John. “We will keep episodes short/focused and I hope to smile and laugh when I’m excited and pound my fist at things that anger me. I might even cry.”  

This isn’t the first time Konrad has pounded his fist in anger and shed tears on air. He did it when talking about brave merchant marine veterans and sailors lost aboard the El Faro  and the result was an outpouring of feedback from our readers.  “There is much that excited and angers me that is happening today at sea.” said John. “gCaptain readers really connect when we don’t hold back punches, when I tell the – sometimes painful – unvarnished truth.”

Captain Konrad has recorded eight episodes so far and hopes to produced multiple new episodes each week. 

You can start listening today via the following apps:

And… coming soon to iTunes! 


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