Vonheim Interviews gCaptain CEO John Konrad

Vonheim Interviews gCaptain CEO John Konrad

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June 15, 2022

A fresh interview just dropped on the Vonheim YouTube channel. When Christopher Vonheim and Captain John A Konrad V bring emotion and insight to the show then you know their passion for shipping is strong,

Captain John is the founder and CEO of gCaptain, the world’s most visited maritime new site, and the author of the book Fire On The Horizon. He is licensed to captain the world’s largest ships and has sailed from ports around the world.

John has also built some of the world’s most advanced ships and managed billion-dollar offshore construction projects in some of the world’s harshest marine environments which he discusses in this episode.

Towards the end of the episode, Vonheim and Konrad discuss the reasons behind President Biden’s recent outburst of anger towards the world’s largest ship owners and America’s rapidly evolving role in our industry.

You can watch the episode on the Vonheim YouTube channel.

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